The moment it hits you!

Not too long ago I felt a bit stuck in life. It felt like I missed direction, a goal, a bigger purpose in life. So far I had accomplished all my goals that I had set for myself. I had moved to Canada and was able to finally get permanent residency after 10 years of being here. During that time I had graduated from Ryerson University and had built a solid career for myself. Obviously there were a lot of ups and downs during that time but I never gave up! Now I am a young professional, part of the workforce, just doing my thing as millions of others. However, I was struggling with one question; “now what?”

It wasn’t until I saw the above video that it hit me! I asked myself the question “have I gotten the most out of life?” The question made me think and the simple answer would be “yes!” Nobody wants to admit that they are down, depressed, not happy, hate their work or that they missed out on any other opportunities in life. We all prefer to make our social media accounts look like we have the best life ever!  Truth be told, I answered “no.” I haven’t been living life to the fullest and I haven’t been enjoying all the wonderful things that life has to offer.


It was/is time for a change! I forgot that life is a playground. Remember when we were young and our imagination and dreams were endless. We were superheroes! All stars in any sport we wanted to be! We created worlds of Lego and had endless dreams. I know we are 20/30/40 years older now but that playground is still here, we just decided not to play on it anymore!


I would encourage you to reflect on your own life and be honest with yourself. The best thing of life is that we can shape it ourselves. Sometimes I think we forget about this and just continue with what we are doing because it is comfortable. However, being comfortable doesn’t allow you to chase your goals and dreams. Pain, suffering, perseverance, dedication, getting up, working hard, putting yourself out there and not taking no for an answer are all things that will help achieve your goals and dreams. In the end reaching these goals and dreams will allow you to life a more richer and fulfilling life with lots of happiness.