Reach for the stars

This year has been the year of transformation for me. It has been a year where I decided to change things for the better. The year where I decided to look out for my own happiness!

This new outlook, took another turn with the passing of my stepdad Frans two months ago at the age of 65. It is a heartbreaking moment when someone that still has so much to give is suddenly no longer here. All I could think of during this time were the memories we created over all those years: the words of wisdom, the laughs, the tears and all the good times we shared. At the same time, it also sank in that this would be the last memory.

There was my reality check! Suddenly, he is no longer here. No more phone calls asking me how I am doing or what I am up to. He knew about my pursuit of happiness and provided encouragement and support when I needed it. Now that he is no longer here, it shows how short life can be. So why am I complaining or sweating the small stuff in life? Obviously, there are more important things in life!

I am 32 ½ now. Does this mean I just passed my half way point in life? I know you are never allowed to think like that, but still. How can you not? This only reiterated the path that I am on, is the right one. Life is too short! You cannot take it for granted. You need to make sure you enjoy every minute of it!

Even though my mindset had already slightly changed before the passing of my stepdad, the small little gift he left behind really helped. He left behind this angel coin. The coin has two sides with an angel on it. One side has the words “Faith,” “Hope,” “Wisdom,” “inspiration,” and “courage.” The other side, the one that resonated with me, has the sentence “Reach for the stars.” Obviously, I am keeping this coin close to my heart because it has a special meaning. It has taught me, more importantly, to ask myself each day if I have “reached for the stars.” Have I given it my all?

Reach for the stars coin

Frans accepted me as his own son and he loved hearing about my stories and adventures in Canada. His wish for me was to find a life filled with joy, love and happiness! The same one he experienced with my mom. I might not quite be there yet but I know for a fact that I have an angel that’s more than willing to show me the way! Now I won’t let a day go by without reaching for the stars!



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