How Mom brings happiness!

Aren’t moms the greatest?! Moms are always there for you no matter what, good or bad! My mom has always been there for me and has been my biggest cheerleader in life. Throughout the years she has always encouraged me to reach for the stars. Even at the age of 32 and also being an only child its safe to say I’m still her baby. Sometimes I have to remind her that I am 32 and not a baby anymore. I think as a child I was her real life Ken the Barbie doll. Ironic since my name is Kenny! My mom would always make sure I was the best dressed kid in class. I think she took pride in showing me off and I know she still does to this day! The unfortunate thing is that my mom lives in the Netherlands and I live in Canada. Thankfully, she makes sure to come visit me twice a year and last week was one of those times.

Drinks and Dinner with mom

Every time my mom comes we do three things: we shop, go for nice dinners and drink a lot of wine. Not bad, right? It a bonus that my mom is very stylish and has a good eye for fashion. Sometimes I am trying something on and she would show up with more things for me to try. Our shopping days are one of the ways we bond. My mom loves strolling to each store to help me shop and definitely outlasts me. Yet we always leave the mall with tons of shopping bags.

For dinners we like to go out and mostly always end up at the Keg (steak restaurant). Not sure why we go there but we both enjoy our steaks there. During dinner we would just talk about life and everything that’s going on it. Its more of the true heartfelt moment where we take our time over a couple of glasses of wine and talk about our ups and downs. We talk about anything and at the end I know that if there is anything she will always be there for me.

Drinks and Dinner with mom


It is easy to take your parents for granted. Sometimes it’s good to take a moment to look back and reflect. I am lucky to have my parents and am fortunate for everything they have done for me. The time with my mom last week was great. I can honestly say my mom is the greatest and I am lucky to have the relationship that we have. It’s tough being so far away because we only see each other twice a year. However, when we do see each other we make sure we make the most of the time we have with each other. Last week was happiness! Love you mom!



One thought on “How Mom brings happiness!

  1. I couldn’t agree more, Kenny. My mom and I talked every day. Every conversation felt fresh. There was so much to catch up on after 24 hours! What a sweet a sweet tribute to Mrs. Weijers! ~ Alison


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