3 Quick tips to stay Motivated & Positive

Everyone needs a pick me up once in a while. Unconsciously, negativity can creep into our lives and take over our thoughts. We get demotivated, lazy, complain about life and work, start sweating the little stuff and worst of all we get down on ourselves. Sometimes we just need a quick reminder of all the good things we have going on in our lives. Below are a couple of handy tools that help me daily. It helps me to stay positive and be motivated!

1. YouTube motivational videos

The great thing about YouTube is that there is a video for everything. There are some great motivational videos if you need a kick under your butt! Just type in motivation and you will see different video options come up. One of my favourites is the one below. This video is one of 5 and I would recommend watching all 5. It’s a great video and I often listen to it when working out.

2. Motivational social media pages

Instagram, Twitter and Facebook are great tools to follow motivational pages. Again, all you have to do is search for motivation or positivity and you will see a list of pages you can follow. A daily inspirational quote can help you maintain focus and stay in that positive mindset. Below are two examples:

Source: Daily Inspiration and Motivation on Facebook and thegoodquote on Instagram

3. Podcasts

It seems like podcast are more of an every day thing now. Often times I listen to a podcast on my way to work. Listening to a positive or motivational podcast on your way to work can jumpstart your day on a positive note.

Give it a shot and if you have any recommendations please make sure to share it in the comment section.



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