Becoming a Big Brother

It only took 6 months, but I have finally become a Big Brother. In August of 2016, I decided to apply and volunteer for Big Brothers & Sisters in Toronto. I was talking to a counselor and she suggested it might be good for me to volunteer. She suggested it might help me with finding meaning and purpose in life, which I was struggling to find. One of the first things that came to mind right away was the Big Brother and Sisters program. I had looked at this program before but never signed up for it. I asked around a bit first because the program does require your commitment. It’s not something you just go out and do once or twice and that’s it. It’s a minimum 1-year commitment and preferably more. Nevertheless, everyone that I inquired the program about had nothing but good things to say, which made it easy to sign up!

One of the reasons I applied, besides looking for meaning in my own life, is that I wanted to give back, pass on the torch so to speak. I wouldn’t be where I am today if it wasn’t for the guidance I received from others in my lifetime. Being able to have someone to look up to, taking you under his/her wing and provide guidance is so valuable. Even just having someone around to shoot the shit with, hang out and play sports makes a big difference. I never had any siblings growing up and in a way that was another reason for signing up.

So many activities

GIF Source

So far I am only a month in but am enjoying the time with my little brother considerably. The pure joy and excitement from this kid is so contagious. We have only hung out a handful of times but I, for one, am already learning so much. It is amazing the joyfulness this kid has that even we sometimes forget about as adults. Why sweat the small stuff when there is so much more to life? In addition, it has also helped put things in perspective for me. It made me realize how fortunate I am for the life I have, how amazing my parents are, how wonderful my family is and how great my friends are.

Big Brother & Little Brother meet for the first time

I am, for one, very thankful for the people in my life that helped me across the way. It made such a difference for me that now I hope I can be the difference to someone else. In a way, I hope my little brother and I can bring meaning to each other. And that we both find our paths to greatness and happiness!



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