Now what?

Now that you have reflected on your life and have admitted that it’s time for a change, then you are probably wondering, “now what?” How do I initiate this change? How do I get more out of life? Where do I even begin? You have already taken the first step by admitting change is needed and now it’s time for the next step. Just know that there is no wrong or right solution. Everyone has their own path in life and it’s up to you to find that path that makes you the happiest.

Insanity: Doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results

Albert Einstein

My journey started by reading self-help books. With the enormous selection of self-help books out there I was thankful that I had a friend who provided me with some recommendations. I started reading the books pictured below and I believe that it helped me out of the funk I was stuck in. Reading these books really helped in changing my perspective. The books allow you to engage in a new approach to life, adopt a healthy mindset and set a new framework of thinking. There are thousands of self-help books and all of them touch in one way or another on positive thinking, the law of attraction and engaging the universe. These are all very powerful and intriguing concepts. You will find that some books will resonate better with you than others.

Self-help books

I truly appreciate the ‘engaging the universe’ concept. It is such a simple notion that we sometimes forget that it is there and readily available to anyone! If you are just binge watching Friends episodes on Netflix for the 10th time, it is unlikely that anything will change in your life. For something to happen in your life you need to take action! The trick with engaging the universe is that you have to put it in motion. In order to put it in motion you need to get off that couch and do what it is that you want to change. For example; if you want to be fit, work out! If you are not happy with your current job then look for a new one. Set a goal for yourself to at least apply to one new job every day and try networking events. If you want a relationship than embrace it and sign up for online dating or try a speed dating event. You never know who you might meet! Once you commit to something the possibilities are endless.ctgt8mn7iuzns

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Since I started reading the self-help books, I have actually been reading a lot more in general. Now I find that I do indeed enjoy reading all kinds of books, a hobby I never anticipated enjoying. I genuinely enjoy taking a book with me during a casual stroll through the city and some days I find myself at the local coffee shop pouring over the pages of the latest novel. Sometimes it’s the little things like this that can bring joy to your life.


PS. If you have any book suggestion please make sure to comment. I am always looking for new books and other readers might be interested as well!


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